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“You will always meet someone who’s better than yourself, no matter how hard you train. Just get used to it”. It was the words from a top level alpine racer I competed against in the 90s. Ive met many who’s better than me after those years, but few stood out like Dave Reader. He had a learning curve us normal could only dream of. It was the action that spoke for him in air sport. It was next to impossible to make him talk about his own performance. A brilliant listener, at all times ready to learn. Desire to progress made him one of the finest dynamic flyers and overall skydivers of modern times.

I was fortunate to be involved in several projects with Dave. It gave us the chance to share some truly special moments. Ill never forget when Dave first tested XRW (Extreme Relative Work). On his second jump he docked on his back with canopy pilot Chris Stewart. Already on the third jump they concluded that normal static flights were no longer to happen. Instead Dave dove into the task of making the jumps fun for all parts. The flights with Chris and Dave truly stands out. “Chris, Dave and EspenĀ“s fun session”, we called it. We didn’t make a big deal out of it, but went up and made new moves on every single jump. Ive never felt more inspired than when sharing the sky with Dave.

Much can be said about the raw talent of Dave, but as we sit down in his apartment in Voss and mourn about a loss of a friend, its the other sides of him that bring the tears. We are a community of good passionate people but Daves energy shines. So positive, humble, smiling, always ready to have fun, never bragging about himself, but just embracing what he has and who he is with. Dave will always be that person. Deeply loved for being himself, charging through life.