Extreme Sports Week 2014: Basejumping is changing

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Its been an intense week. And why? Well, we got blue sky every day, something rare in Norways western parts. And I have seen something else: Amazing skills at the Indoor Skydive Senter, Vossvind, the best organisers the world has to offer at Voss Skydive Center, and not at least, a week of basejumping with high quality exits, high lever flying and safe landings. What is also interesting is the fact that we saw way less close proximity flying.

Do we see the signs of a basejumping community changing into a combination of less risk willing, and also more willing to learn? I like to think so. Last year I was the host of Helibase74 in Chamonix. I must admit I was nervous through the whole event, even though all participants were among the best in the world. At Extreme Sports Week at Voss I was the safety responsible, on the heliday lead by Kjersti Eide. I was calm through the day, when it came to safety. All the participants taking the helicopter up, proved to be responsible ambassadors of our sport. I sat down at the landing area proud of the community I am part of.

Aurland Community gave out a hand and gave us landing permissions, even after a bad last season with three fatalities. And us, the basejumping community, proved to be able to pull off a safe and spectacular show. I saw smiles, friendship and high level basejumping through the whole day, and we became one of many sports that through the week were able to evolve, progress but still remain within safety margins.

Im sitting on a train away from Voss with a smile. I kinda see the light in the tunnel for us. Sure we are not cured from fatalities, we probably never will, but I think we are taking steps towards a safer sport, wether we are conscious about it or not.

Thank you for a great week, thank you to all partners for the support and a special thanks to Betsafe for an awesome week.

See and read more: http://www.worldofbetsafe.com/perfect-flight/the-extreme-sports-week-with-espen-and-jokke/



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  • Windnarr says:

    Hey Espen
    Good perspective on the changes that are evolving in the sport. As mostly in aviation, they are written in blood!
    But please check your text and wipe out the spelling mistakes

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