Going big in Kamchatka

By 21/04/2014Insight

Tom Erik Heimen, PC Fosse and myself is hanging behind the snow mobile driven by Petter Bolstad.

Two days into the adventures of Kamchatka we have checked out two different locations. The surprise that shouldn’t be a surprise is the magnitude of the terrain. The Volcanos are massive. We are used to the valleys and mountain of a normal mountain range. Here its different. Today we used snow mobiles to get up to the foot of a nearby Volcano. From distance Im thinking it would be possible to walk the distance. But after more than one hour behind a snow mobile in 70 km/h I realise this is something very very different.

So the answer is obvious and expensive. Its time to call in a huge Russian helicopter. Either a MI-2 or MI-8 will the next days bring us to the higher altitudes. We hope to do some big freeride lines, speed ride and fly our wing suits. Im actually glad we didn’t start up the helicopter on day one. Because of a 10 hour time difference, my body tells me Im sleeping through the day and hang out in the mountain all night. Yesterday morning I opened the fridge and saw a beer. It was tempting, as a beer always may be in the evening, only this time the time was 0600. Im not an alcoholic I told myself, just very very jet legged.

More updates after we finish our first holiday here in Kamchatka:)


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