Kamchatka: Old helicopters, Wingsuit flights above Volcanos, vodka and friendly people

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Our cameraman were to be placed on a ridge below the Volcano. Behind us we could see a beautiful pacific beach, above us a Volcano covered with a blanket of snow. As we get ready to enter the MI-2 helicopter the pilot holds up an AK-47. -Is this a joke? I think to myself. He instructs the cameraman how to prepare the weapon. -But don’t shoot the bear. Just aim in the sky and it will get scared. Ok? Our cameraman, Joachim looks baffled. But yeah. He understands. Helicopter starts and he is left down there with the bears, beaches and spring time sun.

We got several flights, me and Tom Erik Heimen. We aimed for the biggest ones, but not surprisingly weather may be a challenge also outside Norway. The view of snow-covered volcanos blended into the horrible noise of old MI-2s and 8s gives a feeling something unique and exotic. At several occasions I  jumped out of the different helicopter with a smile, a smile not just connected to the natural joy of flying, but a nice feeling of wild adventures.

The details of out wild wild east journey to Kamchatka can not be revealed. It is part of a larger TV-production meant to be on going for at least a year. Right now Im sitting in a hotel in Stockholm, Sweden with my good buddy Jokke, while the dreams carry me back to those moments among friendly people and Volcanos. If I am to advise someone considering to go there, its enough with two words: Just GO!

Thank you Martha, Igor, Lena, Anton and all the other wonderful people that made this journey memorable.

The Kamchatka Crew: Tom Erik Heimen, PC Fosse, Pia Nic Gundersen, Petter Bolstad (prod), Joachim Hoege (prod), Marting “Dansken” Hahn (prod), Benjamin and Gunnar Holsten (Awesome friends that joined the journey).




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  • Fernando Cardenas says:

    It is really amazing the work they do … I never miss a video of you! are truly an inspiration, I hope someday to be able to know, Greetings
    peace and love.

  • Gunnar Holsten says:

    You captured the feeling of this odd and extremely charming wonderland in masterful wendings. Hope to return back soon. Thanx for great times, good laughs and all.
    Gunar Holsten

    • Espen Fadnes says:

      In that case. You capture the moments as they go, Gunnar, and I write about them afterwords;);) Awesome times!

  • amirhosein says:

    i love you man you are kicking ass jumpers

  • Jude says:

    Wow, love how you put it all together. Not just making it a sport or an adventure something but taking things into a whole new level. It’s not always about the jump only. It’s about traveling to the unknown, learning every detail about your environment, networking with the ones next to you and most of all… Living the dream 🙂 Wish you and everyone around safe n happy flying n maybe someday, witnessing you in my country, Sri Lanka. 🙂

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