Kamchatka: The search for a WS carve on an active Volcano

By 27/04/2014Insight

Just woke up after a 10 hour bus drive. Fantastic scenery in the wild wild east, up north in Kamchatka. Several volcanos are graded orange, which means huge amounts of smoke is coming out, and the area is on alert in case of a mayor eruption. Many questions appear in my head as me and Tom Erik Heimen are planning to enter a line right next to one of mother natures more powerful shows. Is it hot? Is the smoke poisonous? What on earth am I to do if I get a line over right above a lava stream? I guess we need to play this one extra safe.

Meeting with the pilots in an hour. Potentially great weather tomorrow. If we are lucky, in 24 hours, we will open the door on the MI-8, 18 000 feet above sea level, neck mikes to communicate, Red Epic to capture the fun, and then 3 minutes of flight down a face with more altitude than any other place I know about. A the big bonus: The starts higher up as the smoke goes up to…I don’t know…higher than 18000 feet.

Above average exited right now!


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  • harry says:

    Espen this flight is going to be amazing I can tell, you keep save & wish you luck buddy, fly high & fast cant wait to watch it man.

  • Pusulf says:

    Will it be an oxygen jump? If no, have you considered it? What is the risk you evaluated on this jump?

    All the best, and gud luck 🙂

    • Espen Fadnes says:

      Hi. It will be an exit in altitude we can handle without oxygen masks. Its actually not much higher than exit altitude for ordinary skydiving (often 15 000 feet).

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