Renewing what is cool and fun in BASE jumping

By 03/10/2014Insight

I have been thinking about this for a while. It was Loic Jean-Albert who made me start this renewal process after I met him last year on Reunion Island. He said that he at some point, after 15 years in base jumping, felt he to often was repeating himself, doing the same stuff over and over again. And in the game of risk vs reward, the reward goes down in a situation like that.

Last years massive accident impact in wingsuit flying increased the speed of this process. As a community of thrill seekers we have learned so much about the art of human flight the last 10 years. So how about using this skills more creative than just bussing down a line at Brevant, posting yet another spectacular video or scereengrab of how close we fly? How can we use this skills? The accuracy we have acquired, the speed, the feeling of knowing when to change angles and directions.

The first project that came up was probably the easier one. It was just waiting to be properly done; Experimental Relative Work, taken from skydiving into a BASE jumping environment. It was challenging though. Knowing when to exit the summit, to be able to quickly fly together with a high speed canopy was hard. Also, flying accurately on almost stall speed, is way more challenging than flying fast down a line. But it worked. It worked due to quite a lot of specific training. And maybe thats what it takes to bring new thinking into BASE jumping and specifically wingsuit flying. A lot of training.

So now, after the success on Project Romsdalen, the creative thinking is starting up again. What is the coolest, funniest, most challenging, but yet safe project to come? I hope to do at least 5 of them next year together with my team mate Jokke Sommer. Any ideas is much appreciated:):)

Photo by Sverre Hjørnevik





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