Voss: The ultimate training centre for a basejumper

By 03/06/2014Insight

Its spring time in Norway. The snow is melting and a new season of base jumping is about to start. I have found my place in this days. At Voss, the home of notorious Extreme Sport Week, I can get the airtime necessary to get in flying shape. The key factors are base jumping, skydiving, indoor skydiving and not at least a very good sports community.


The goal is to have 5 hours of airtime a week, and as much of those hours with body movements as close as possible to wingsuit flying. I know top athletes are training up to 25 hours a week, so Im quite far away. Airports are time consuming. But where runners puke of exhaustion, me and my fellow flyers are cruising around with big smiles. To do this much flying every week is an exiting fun journey. I haven’t experienced this steep learning curve since I was a skydive student in 2000.

In two weeks the heliboogie kicks off in Kj√¶rag, Lysebotn. The result of huge amounts of airtime may make new ways of flying possible. I don’t know though, and that the thrill of it all. I had a talk with Jokke last night. We both agreed we haven’t been this motivated ever before. Maybe all we needed was to fly way way more!

I you feel like taking a trip to Voss Im happy to join you in air by the way. If you’re in for it, a long day may contain 1 1400 meter base jump, 5 skydives to 14 000 feet, 45 minutes of wind tunnel, and a barberque with Midget Base.

Indoor skydiving: vossvind.no

Skydiving: skydivevoss.no

The Week: ekstremsportveko.com


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